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Look to this Day !!!

Look to this day … yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision…But today well lived , makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope…!!

Welcome On Board - Καλώς Ήρθατε !!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my BLOG... Here you can read all about my work experiences in Greece and USA, my Greek-American culture, customs and hobbies.You can check out dozens of related Internet links and glance at dozens of pictures and videos...and lots of fun staff too …!!!

Καλώς Ήρθατε στην σελίδα μου…ένα ανοικτό βιβλίο της ζωής μου. Θα μάθετε για την ειδικότητα μου στον τομέα της επείγουσας προνοσοκομειακής φροντίδας , στην Αμερική και Ελλάδα και θα ενημερωθείτε σχετικώς , διαβάζοντας άρθρα με φωτογραφίες και πολλά…πολλά βίντεο…!!!Θα ενημερωθείτε επίσης για τοπικά νέα , ήθη και έθιμα του Ελληνισμού της ξενιτιάς ,με πληροφορίες για ότι σχετικό. Απλώς ανοίξτε τις ανάλογες σελίδες.

Have a Safe tour everyone…Καλό υπόλοιπο σε όλους !!!

El Greco…the medic !!!

Keep on pumping…save a life !!!

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My Philosophy…on life !!!

I want to live my next life backwards! You start out dead and get that out of the way right off the bat. Then you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day and then you get kicked out of the home for being too healthy.

You spend several years enjoying your retirement and collecting benefit checks. Then when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work 40 years or so, getting younger every day until pretty soon you’re too young to work. So you go to high school: play sports, date, drink, and party.

As you get even younger, you become a kid again.You go to elementary school, you play, and have no responsibilities. In a few years you become a baby and everyone runs themselves ragged keeping you happy.You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury spa-like conditions: central heating, room service on tap…and start all over again…!!!

News and Events

The Riots in Athens, Greece !!!

All of us , have by now seen the TV reports of the recent riots in Athens , demonstrating against the Government’s decision to implement drastic measurements to reduce the gigantic 400 billion Euros  deficit,  it accumulated all these years. Unfortunately, this deficit could threaten the stability of the European currency and eventually …the world’s financial markets.

To avoid such a catastrophe , the EU ( European Union ) and the IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) have decided to bailout Greece , by funding 100 billion Euros towards this deficit …and in return , unfortunately Greece has to implement …tax increases, salary and pension cuts…and who knows what else, to reduce the remaining deficit !!!

There was NO other option indeed…actually there was, bankruptcy of the country !!! Now that can not happen, it never has, yet and so the people of Greece…went to the streets and… we all saw the results…RIOTS in the streets of the capital, in front of the Greek Parliament…there are dozens of pictures and video clips , everywhere….!!! “This is where uncontrolled violence leads, and this is where political irresponsibility takes us,” said  George Papandreou , the Greek Prime Minister, who has a limited time to implement these dramatic changes to his people.

What would YOU have done, if they cut your salary or your pension, increase your taxes and made your life miserable ???In specific, these are some of them : reduce the “Easter, Summer and Christmas bonuses” of civil servants and pensioners; increase taxes on fuel, tobacco and alcohol; reform all pension plans by raising the retirement age to 65, from a current average of 61; mandate the use of generic drugs in the state health-care system ; reduce the operating costs of local government and pass a law to simplify the rules for new business start-ups…to name  a few !!!

All of these unfortunate events have caused the euro, which last year strengthened to as much as $1.51, to drop below $1.29 for the first time in more than a year,making it cheaper for Americans to travel to Greece. The spring tourist season is getting under way and the  riots in Athens might threaten to undermine tourism, that accounts for about 16 percent of Greece’s gross domestic product and about one in five jobs.

I have lived in Greece for over 10 years ( 1995-2006 )  and sympathize a lot with its people, my people and even though I have repatriated back to the USA , my heart is still in Greece and I wish a better future to all of us ….!!!

Δείτε το ΌΛΟΙ και διαδώστε το!!!

But this is not the answer !!!

This is the real Greece and NOT the one the media portraits to be...please, take some time and see this video...and you will agree too...Πρόκειται για ένα βίντεο που με πολύ έξυπνο και κατανοητό τρόπο παρουσιάζει την πραγματική εικόνα της Ελλάδας και όχι αυτήν που προσπαθούν να μας περάσουν τα συμβατικά και κατευθυνόμενα ΜΜΕ...Welcome to Greece and have a nice day !!!

Do you want to check your country's national debt ? Check out this has been set up to allow you to view compare it with the national debt of other countries....pick a country !!!

Check your country's debt here !

Rallies are being held , in capitals around the world to show support for the people of Greece as they face drastic austerity measures....The show of solidarity is in response to the "dictatorship of the financial markets and the troika: EU, ECB and IMF, who have imposed austerity measures and a non-elected government on the Greek people."..Demonstrations are planned throughout Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, and more..We thank you for your solidarity...may God Help us ALL !!!